Twin Murphy Bed

We at Lone Stars Wall Bedz provide highly effective space saving solutions through affordable, functional, and stylish murphy beds. Among our biggest best sellers right now are the twin murphy beds. In fact, for years we have grown a reputation from its incredible versatility in price, design, and quality.

What makes us stand out in Texas? For one, we first take into consideration the size and purpose of the room where the murphy bed will be placed. From there we help our clients narrow down their search until they find what they truly need.

Do not be fooled by the idea that all murphy beds are the same; finding the right one is not a simple task. With our wide selections to choose from and with a personal sales representative to help you in every step, you are on your way to having that ideal twin bed in no time.

Don’t Let Your Guests Sleep on the Couch!

Whether it’s the holidays or family reunion coming, as the host you will no longer worry about where your guests will rest with one of our twin murphy bed in the house. Make visitors feel right at home not with a couch or a sofa bed, but with a comfortable, stylish twin bed that is as good as a regular one. Because of its flexibility with various kinds of mattresses, it can definitely deliver the level of comfort of a regular bed.

Also, murphy beds can bring multiple functions to any room. If your area has a much smaller space or needs more room, then a Murphy Bed is definitely the best way to go. You can have an office, study, or craft area by day and a guest room at night.

Why Lone Stars Murphy Bedz?

One thing we take pride here at Lone Stars Murphy Bedz is the high level of customer satisfaction we bring to the table. When you do business with us here in Texas, you will see that we will be able to custom design anything from a small to large room. During the design process, we take into consideration all your of preferences, needs, and budget before presenting you with quality twin beds that are built to last.

Please feel free to visit us or contact us via website or our number and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Thank you and have a great day!