Queen Murphy Beds

Time and time again, real estate in the US is keen on “Location. Location. Location.” Instead of focusing on the size, more and more Americans are compromising space for apartments and condos within or closer to the city. This has then resulted to continuously innovating space saving solutions, wherein one of which are murphy beds.

When it comes to space-saving furniture here in Texas, look no further than Lone Stars Murphy Bedz. We have been known for building high quality murphy beds, which includes the best-selling queen size murphy bed.

Why is America so Fond of Queen Size Beds?

A queen size bed is so versatile that it’s practically the best of both worlds: It can be a luxury bed for one person or a practical and space-saving bed for couples. This popular choice is originally meant to be for one person, with ample space for sleeping comfortably, movement, and adding pillows around. Now, it is highly recommended for modern-day, always on the go couples staying in apartments or whose bedrooms are smaller than a regular master room.

The question is: Is a Queen Size Murphy Bed as good as a regular one? Our answer is a resounding “Yes.” We guarantee that our genuine Murphy beds can accommodate high quality mattresses and are built with only the best materials for a normal, sleeping bed. Chances are, when you are sleeping in a legitimate Murphy bed, you won’t even feel the difference.

Why Choose Lone Star Murphy Bedz?

Here are the main points that we take pride in at Lone Star Murphy Bedz:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed – From free installation, comprehensive warranties, to friendly customer service lines, we make sure that every customer is happy with their shopping experience.
  • Wide Variety of Options – We can custom design any murphy bed with the options that you desire in order to fit your needs and preferences.
  • Quality Control – We only use quality materials and have only professionals install them at your home — All without sacrificing affordability!

Contact us today and we can have a representative assist you with your questions. Thank you and have a nice day!